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The bad news is that Dana is still in a sleep-trance and that I told Hummer exactly what he could do with his doubts about Larry’s sincerity.

The good news is that Larry has confirmed that he DOES NOT HAVE DENTURES!

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Mr. Billy Bob Neck will be doing his own show on Blog Talk Radio at 3:30pm EST today.  Mr. Neck is a staunch defender of America and the American way of life!  You can call up and speak with Mr. Neck at (347) 327-9411 on any topic you choose including Homobamo’s crimes against everything that America stands for!


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Hunter, of course.  I guess that’s all I need to say to let you know that evil Obama’s negro voodoo magic sleep-trance is still strong over Dana.

The hospital finally “discharged” her and I put up the biggest fight that I could but just like with the establishment that allows a gay negro crackhead vooodoo priest to run for president of the United States without being forced to tell anyone what he really is I could not find a friend or protector to stand up for poor Dana.  As soon as they told me Dana would be moved, I told them that I would all of the local TV, radio and newspapers and spill the beans.  And you know what they did?  They laughed in my face and said “go ahead”.  So I did!  I told them (the media, that is) that the hospital was going to be kicking a patient out onto the street just for being ill.  They asked me what was the diagnosis was and I told them they wouldn’t give a diagnosis because they refused to admit that Homobama had put Dana into a sleep-trance which he had.  I took comfort greatly that they hung up so quickly because they were dashing to their vans with the video equipment to rush to the hospital so I left Dana in the wheelchair outside of the hospital and snuck around the corner for dramatic effect so that it looked like Dana had been left there alone.   After a few hours, I had to admit that the press was NOT coming.

It took forever to get home because  Dana kept slipping out of the seatbelt an onto the floor.  And when we got home…oh, I can’t talk about it.  I just can’t.  Not now.  I feel so betrayed.  So betrayed.  Hummer, if you’re reading this ROT IN HELL!

Ok.  I’m sorry.  I’m a little emotional.

I know that I don’t have to tell you this because you already know but maybe there are some people who haven’t gone to Larry’s site recently but he really needs our help.  If you had ANY kind of gay sex with Homobama – ANYTHING – fellatio, anal, urine, scat, BDSM, bear, transvestite, mile-high club, orgy, church – ANYTHING – you have to contact Mr. Sibley at msibley@earthlink.net NOW. It’s really critical.  ANY sex, ANY time, ANY where – the more recent the better.  Think really hard because it could be that you’ve repressed the memory of it because the thought of being raped by a negro voodoo priest is so horrible that you’ve blocked it out.  Remember – repressed memories are still valid in a court of law!

There’s a lot to say but I just can’t go on.  I know that God only gives you what you can bear and that my problems are NOTHING compared the hell that Larry is going through but I just can’t be brave right now.  I hope you’ll forgive me.

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I have to admit, I’m feeling a little downhearted right now.  Will Dana ever get out of this sleep-trance?  Will life ever be back to normal?  God forgive me for saying this, but I get so mad at Dana sometimes!  What was the point of poking around in that gay negro crackhead’s past?  Negros are like dogs – you don’t want to provoke them.  If you end up in an unavoidable situation where you must come close to one then the main thing is to show no fear and make no eye contact.  Both can smell fear.  It’s in their genes.

Anyway, now that he’s got his check from those morons over at WhiteHouse.com he’s going to be moving to a nicer place!  See?  Good things DO happen to good people!

It’s looks like both Larry and I are going to have a LOT of packing to do over the next couple of days.

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Hunter here, which means that Dana is still deep in a sleep-trance.

So – some good Americans concerned about whether or not Homobama traveled to Haiti  to meet with his witch doctor trainer or whatever they call them or to attend a voodoo convention but did they get a medal of honor?  No.  THEY GOT FIRED.  And why did they get fired?  So they couldn’t tell the American people that they found proof of Homobama’s voodoo magic! I don’t know why Matt Drudge has not picked up this story!  I have emailed and emailed and emailed him.  You’d think that if you got an email with the subject line – “I HAVE PROOF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA IS A VOODOO PRIEST” that you would open it so I can only assume that either Drudge is in on it (maybe that’s why he got so famous so quickly?) or that Homobama has put him under a mind control spell.

I’m am trying track down the names of the people that got fired but I’m scared that by the time I get to them they will be in the same sleep-trance that Dana is in!


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Because I threatened the hospital with defamation (I remembered that one of them had called me some very unflattering names which is will not repeat here) and told them that I would call the media (all of them) about how they want to kick Dana out onto the street, I’ve bought a couple of more days.  They started making noises about putting down “voodoo induced sleep-trance” on the health insurance forms as a way to cow me into submission because it would mean that health insurance wouldn’t cover any of Dana’s stay.  I, in turn, asked them very politely if all of the wetbacks that scatter like rats when I turn a corner all had green cards.

I hate ALL Europeans!  Especially the English.  I was in Heathrow Airport once and besides being a very stupid name for an airport, it was filthy and every single person I talked to was snotty and snooty.  Plus, I asked someone how to catch my connecting flight to Malaysia and they just outright lied to me.  So, as far as I’m concerned the British are all bastard people and so are all Europeans except for maybe the Belgians because at least they’re attractive.  Wait.  Let me amend that statement – I hate ALL Europeans except for David Icke who I’m hoping will soon respond to an email that I sent to him about Barack Obama being a voodoo priest and how he put Dana in a voodoo induced sleep-trance.

Europeans, because they’re so high and mighty and think nothing of electing gay negro crackheads to positions of power, lie.  If I had to choose between believing Ted Bundy or some English jerk (with the exception of David Icke) I would without hesitation choose Ted Bundy because at least his life is an open book and he really would have no reason to lie.   So, good for Larry in NOT trusting some English queen (where do you THINK they get that name from!) claiming to be from the BBC.  If I were Larry I would talk to Mr. Billy Bob Neck about how to tell the difference between a fake BBC reporter and a real BBC reporter because he has experience with them.

There’s a lot more to say but, honestly, I’m still exhausted.  Last night, Hummer  started in about…no…I’m too depressed and I need to process it a little bit more.  The two of us will deal with it later, but for now my focus HAS to be on exposing Barack Obama as a gay, negro crackhead and voodoo priest.

Let me end by giving a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all who are donating to Dana’s Fund.  I’ll update the total later, but please know that if Dana was not in a voodoo-induced sleep-trance Dana would be thanking you for your kindness and generosity.   Again, Larry’s first and Dana’s second!

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Hunter again – I’m exhausted so this’ll be be pretty brief.  I spent all morning arguing with the hospital administration about how Dana should NOT be discharged just because they refuse to diagnose the problem.  I was told time and time again by others AND by myself that even though every single sign points to it and there is no other decent explanation that I should at all costs refrain from using the words “voodoo” or “sleep-trance”.  Needless to say, I lost my “cool” during this conversation and blurted out, “CAN’T YOU SEE THAT DANA IS IN A SLEEP TRANCE DUE TO THE VOODOO POWERS OF BARACK OBAMA??”  I couldn’t help it.  It’s just so frustrating when people will simply not acknowledge the truth when it is staring them in the GD face!

You won’t be surprised to know, then, that I spent the rest of the day at Dana’s apartment trying to figure out if it had more square footage then the apartment that Hummer and I share and if it made sense for us to take over Dana’s lease or move Dana to our place.  I’m still not sure.  Dana’s place is in a better neighborhood but slightly smaller.   Our place is bigger but there are so many negros around that it ges disconcerting and scary.

Speaking of scary negros – just who does Homobama think that he is??  A speech on RACE where he says almost nothing when he should be giving a speech on why he feels that it’s ok for a presidential candidate to engage in oral sex, drug use and voodoo rituals??   Give me a break!! His grandmother was right – niggers are lazy, shiftless and you SHOULD be very, very afraid of them.  She should have kicked that daughter of hers out of the house as soon as she saw her with a nigger.  I have no idea why some people keep using the Bible to make stupid behavior seem smart.

One last thing – Dana’s Fund (and if you have a good name for it, we’re trying to come up with something catchy) has $3144.07 in it right now so thank you VERY MUCH, especially to “Bumpy” but let me make this VERY CLEAR.  Only contribute to Dana AFTER you contribute to Larry’s Defense Fund. According to Larry’s webpage there have been NO contributions since 3/14/08.  This is unacceptable.  Keep your eyes on the prize like Larry does – the first order of business is to keep a gay negro crackhead from becoming president of the United States.

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Hunter, again, I’m sorry to say. Dana’s sleep-trance has not yet lifted. Dana still sits up in bed, a victim of Homobama’s voodoo magic. As none of the staff will come right out and say that this is voodoo magic, they are trying to push Dana out the hospital and none too politely, if you ask me! “We’re not running a rehab,” one nurse sniped.

What this means is that we’ll need to take Dana to my apartment or Dana’s own apartment. Since Dana cannot work because Barack Homobama PUT HER IN A SLEEP-TRANCE, we are going to be asking for donations to help defray the cost of caring for Dana.

Please go to www.paypal.com and send money to hummerandhunter@gmail.com ONLY after you have contributed to Larry’s Defense fund.  First things first!

We will, of course, keep FULL RECORDS of every single penny spent taking care of Dana’s food, lodging, clothing, personal hygiene, hair products, bedding, furniture, transportation and spiritual needs as well as researching a cure for voodoo-induced sleep-trances.

I’d just like to say that Larry has enough on his mind without having to deal with the tens of thousands of people who are too stupid to believe his very credible account of having oral sex with Sen. Barack Obama in the back of a limousine while Sen. Obama did crack cocaine. Larry has given his account consistently and without error on so many occasions that the only conclusion that you can possibly come up with unless, of course, you are completely retarded or (with all due respect to Dana) in a voodoo-induced sleep-trance. Recently he took some very good advice not to even bother replying to their stupid comments trying to push him into producing proof that he had oral sex with Sen. Barack Obama in the back of a limousine while Sen. Obama did crack cocaine. It just shows the depth that some people with go to defending a gay negro crackhead just because they so afraid of some nigger calling them racist. These big losers think that by repeating the same thing over and over and over again they can somehow convince people that Mr. Sinclair did not have oral sex with Sen. Barack Obama in the back of a limousine while Sen. Obama did crack cocaine when in fact he did have oral sex with Sen. Barack Obama in the back of a limousine while Sen. Obama did crack cocaine. It’s enough to make a died in wool democrat vote Republican!

That said, I’m glad that Larry has got his eyes on the prize because I was a little worried after his last Jeff Rense Interview when he started making mistakes that were just not like him. He let that bastard-person, PAUL DAY (and I LOVE the way he always says his name in every post because you can just bet that PAUL DAY is getting inundated with emails telling him what a bastard person he is), into “his kitchen” like hunky Kevin Costner says in Bull Durham (I think he says it in the shower scene but I could be wrong). Anyway, Larry bitch-slapped that jerk right on the Jeff Rense Show so I’ll bet PAUL GAY (who really should come out of the coset) is going to think twice about his constant and unending harassment of Larry from here on out. KEEP FIGHTING LARRY! WE’RE WITH YOU!!

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Hunter, here.  No change with Dana, I’m sorry to say.  We pray for Dana every single day and Obama will release Dana from this sleep-trance.

Listen up you stupid dumb Odorama  supporters!  Do you really think that you can “own” Larry Sinclair?  Do you really think that you have the brains to go up against him in  a battle of wits?  YOU DO NOT!!  I mean, if you’ve got $1million dollars then you are MORE than welcome to try but you had darn well get your ducks in a row before tangling with him or you will find yourself out on the street getting in touch with your inner homeless person, BITCH.  Larry will not put up with your crap!  He can see right through your lies and deception and pathetic attempts to make him prove something that he does not have to prove!

So save your breath, morons and coset cases!!  Larry will bitchslap each and every one of you just like this!!

Which supporter are you? Oh the one who says you believe in order that you might get some info. It doesn’t work that way for you or anyone else.

HA!  Now go and lick your wounds Mr. Mitch I-Think-I’m-So-Smart!!!

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