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Nice Try, Bastard People!!

There’s NOTHING I hate more than a fake Christian!  NOTHING! It burns my butt to think that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is getting dissed by a bunch of people that that KNOW NOTHING about what a charming, brave, intelligent, attactive, smart and charming man Larry Sinclair is and those kinds of people just SIMPLY DO NOT LIE EVER PERIOD SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!  These bastard people need to SHUT UP AND LISTEN to Larry Sinclair instead of poking around in places where they don’t belong and making up stories WITHOUT EVEN ASKING HIM IF THEY’RE TRUE!

Let me tell you, that murderous, gay, negro, left-handed crackhead voodoo priest HOMOBAMA will stop at NOTHING to murder Mr. Sinclair not only in body and mind but in spirit, too.  But you bastard people listen up YOU CANNOT BREAK HIM!!!  It’s impossible!  He is too strong and brave and powerful and smart and charming to be broken!!  He has the love and support of him MOMA and his whole family and they will do whatever it takes make sure that everyone in the whole wide world knows about the homo acts and drug abuse of BARACK OSAMA HOMOBAMA!!

And you THINK that you can trust church people but you can’t.  It’s like when I was taking my first baby steps toward not being a homo and sometimes it was hard and sometimes I may have had a little bit of a slip with somebody’s husband or boyfriend a few times and rather than forgive me (which is WHAT JESUS WOULD HAVE DONE) they kicked me out of the congregation and called me all sorts of nasty names!  Now, I know that I deserved to be called them but kicking me out…well…that’s just not Christian!!

And neither is America’s Hope Foundation who Larry Sinclair just outed as a very pro-Obama group that was put together by the cesspool to create radio commercials featuring Larry Sinclair’s story and aired them on the radio for everyone to hear and then tried to make a fool of him by turning their back on him and exposing themselves as the bastard people that they are, which is very, very bastard people and they oughta be ashamed of themselves because they don’t have anything to do with America, hope or any kind of foundation, at least not a foundation in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

I want you to know this RIGHT NOW – America’s Hope Foundation is an Obama group posing as a Christian group posing as an Obama group posing as a Christian group posing as an Obama group posing as a Christian group posing as an Obama group!!!  LARRY SINCLAIR CAN DOCUMENT THIS AND WILL DO SO AT WHATEVER TIME HE FEELS IS THE RIGHT TIME TO DO THIS AND NOT ONE MOMENT SOONER!!!


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